after the noise map has been generated, a png file of the noise map will be placed here. The generated terrain will be shown at the bottom of the page
terrain height amplifier: (value between 0 and 200, recommended below 100)

Find my code at


Choose a number below 200 and enter it in the input field.
Click the Generate button and a 3D terrain will be generated
using a freshly generated noise map and the entered amplifier.

About this project

Project category Own project
Framework Browser
Syntax JavaScript/Three.js
Duration 2 days
Team size 1 person
Platform PC/Browser

The goal:

This project was about writing an algorithm for generating a noise map.
I further expanded this by adding a 3D visualisation with Three.js,
using the color values of the pixels to determine the height.
My Feedback:
Pro - Everything has been built up from my own theory and no foreknowledge of how noise maps work.
Con - The array used for the terrain height could better be 2D instead of 1D.