Procedural Dungeon


Click here to play.

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W/A/S/D: Move around
Left mouse button: Shoot
Escape: Pause/resume

About this project

Project category School assignment
Framework Unity WebGL
Syntax C#
Deadline 10 days
Team size 1 person
Platform PC/Browser

The assignment

The assignment was about implementing an algorithm for procedural generation.
I carried this out in a 4-step-roadmap:
Step 1: Create a grid in which the game will be generated.
Step 2: Create a room in the middle of the grid, and giving all walls a chance to place a corridor running through it.
Step 3: Give every corridor a chance to create a new room like in step 2.
Step 4: Let every room add objects at random locations.

My feedback:
Pro - I added quite a few extra mechanics.
Con - The script for the startup fade-in is a little messy and could've been tidier.