Procedural Dungeon

Procedural Dungeon gif
Procedurally Generated Dungeon

Every time an entirely new dungeon to explore.
In a bright flash of light you wake up un an unknown area filled with danger.
Defeat all enemies wandering around to win.

Hexgrid Pathfinder

hexMesh gif
Hexagon Grid Pathfinder

A pathfinder for a hexagonal grid.
Select a start- and end position in the grid, and the pathfinder will
try to find the shortest path between those positions.

Bombs are falling Everywhere

Endless Dodger Destructable Map

"Clouds of sulphur in the air,
Bombs are falling everywhere,
It's heartbreak warfare." - John Mayer

Bombs fall down and destroy the terrain.
Try to survive as long as you can by avoiding the falling bombs
and their explosions.

Inventory System

inventory gif
Inventory System

Many games use inventories to keep track of items,
This one can be used for anything, as long as the contents contain an "Item" component.


minesweeper gif

A recreation of the old minesweeper, mechanic-wise as close to the original as I could.

Terrain Generator

terrainGen png
Random Terrain Generator

A 3D terrain generator.
Creates an image of random grayscale pixels and smoothens those to generate a noise map.
This noise map is used to add depth to a terrain.
Depth intensity is configurable.

2D Cave Generator

caveGen gif
Random Cave Generator

A small application that generates caves inside of a chunk of ground, using a Game of Life-like algorithm.
Size and approximate density are ajustable.

Snake Twist

snake gif
Snake game

The old-school snake, with a new touch.
You don't control the snake, but instead you rotate the game itself.
As an extra bit of difficulty, the score counts down.
Don't let the score hit 0!